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For Lesson Inquiries

  • Please include in "Details" student's age and level (i.e. beginner, RCM level), and a brief description of the student's previous experience of music training. 

  • An interview may be required, in person or virtually. Please leave your phone number if you wish to schedule an interview.

  • Please prepare for two pieces to play in the interview, where studio policy details will also be discussed. 

  • 2023-24 Lesson Fees: 30-minutes lesson: $40/lesson. 60-minutes lesson: $80/lesson. 

  • Lesson Hours: Monday-Friday between 3:30pm and 9pm. 

  • Lessons are offered both in person and online. All in-person lessons take place in Ruby's studio located in Riverside South, Ottawa. 

 For Accompaniment Inquiries 

  • ​Please include in "Details" the title of piece(s), the number of rehearsals you plan to have, and the time / location / the occasion of your performance (i.e. exam, audition, festival, etc).

  • Rehearsals will take place in Ruby's studio located in Riverside South, Ottawa. If you wish to rehearse in your chosen location, travel fees may apply. 

  • 2023-24 in-studio rehearsal fee for standard repertoire: $70/hour. Performance fee may vary depending on the length of the event. 

  • Fees for recital and recording projects are subject to discussion. 

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