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Grand Piano

       With over 20 years of teaching experience, Ruby Jin enjoys working with students of all levels and ages who are interested in learning the art of piano playing. A member of Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association and Canadian Federation of Music Teacher's Associations, Ruby is specialized in preparing students for Royal Conservatory of Music Exams, piano competitions, festivals, and auditions. Her students have won prizes in the Ottawa Kiwanis Festival, the Ottawa Piano Festival, the Ontario Music Festival, and the Canadian Music Competition. 

          Located in Riverside South, Ottawa, Ruby’s piano studio consists of a group of music-loving and hard-working students, most of whom have reached intermediate-advanced levels. Ruby’s main teaching curriculum is based on the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus. Her lesson covers topics including technical foundation, music reading skills, understanding and interpreting musical styles from Baroque to Contemporary, musicianship, theory rudiments, as well as music history. Ruby’s extensive performance experience allows her to teach not only piano playing, but also stage presentation, how to deal with performance anxiety, and how to communicate with audience through music, which are all crucial for young pianists in building confidence and self-expression. 


          Ruby believes that the journey of learning music is not only about dedication, perseverance, motivation, and focus, but also about communication, collaboration, and enjoyment. She creates opportunities for students to play in ensembles. Ruby's studio concert programs always include piano duets between students, parents, and the teacher, and collaborations between piano and string instruments. She encourages students to go beyond classic piano solo repertoire and freely explore other music genres on their own. With solid technical facilities and reading skills, her students enjoys playing piano arrangements of the music they listen to in their spare time, such as movie music, game themes, and pop songs.


New openings will be available as of June 2024, online and in person
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Sheet Music


          "I have been studying with Ruby for almost ten years! Undoubtedly, taking her class was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ruby is friendly, thoughtful, motivational, knowledgeable, detailed, supportive, devoted, persistent, passionate, humorous, modest, lively and more! Her teaching approaches are gentle and engaging, with spirited fun facts about music history to guide the student's interpretation. Ruby also has the tremendous pleasure of looking into the most scrutinizing detailed depths of the pieces she teaches; the slightest clicks when the hammer of the keys taps the strings, no details are redundant! She will also keep you accountable so that you accomplish your endeavours and pursuits, with every lesson being goal oriented and scheduled intricately. What I enjoy most about her classes is that she uses imagination and demonstrations to keep me engaged in the piece for long periods. Visualizing what I feel while playing the music has significantly supported my interpretation and approach to every note/harmony. "Playing Debussy has to feel like your hand is holding a round pumpkin plushie; very flexible, relaxed, and smooth," -Ruby. Learning the piano with Ruby has never been monotonous but rather exhilarating! Thank you, Ruby!"

- Kate H.

         "Ruby is passionate, enthusiastic, and motivational in teaching. She always went above and beyond the average teacher and made sure I was on the right track to success, both in and out of piano. Not to mention she is an incredible musician herself! Whenever it came to examinations, competitions, recitals, or any other performance opportunity, Ruby ensured that I was confident and well-prepared, consistently encouraging me and giving appropriate feedback. She never fails to make lessons engaging, and has a genuine intention to bring the very best out of her students."

- Alina C.

         “I find that in the 7 years I’ve been here, I’ve learnt so much, and I was never unsatisfied. I’m given honest points, and good criticism, not let on by false praise. Everything I learned was genuine, and everything I wanted in a musical path was fulfilled. Every lesson I look forwards to playing, and at the end, I always have learnt something new.”

- Sophie C.

Concert Hall

Student Performance Videos

Kate H. (13): Chopin Valse Op. 64, no. 1
2022 Ottawa Kiwanis Festival Grade 9 Concert Class 1st place
Lucas Z. (11): Mendelssohn Song Without Words, Op. 19, no. 2
2022 Ottawa Kiwanis Festival Grade 8 Concert Class 1st place;
2022 OMFA Provincial
Samuel W. (10): J.S. Bach Air, from French Suite No. 2
2022 Ottawa Kiwanis Festival Grade 8 Concert Class 3rd place
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